Municipality of Serifos

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22810 51210 - 22810 52311
Chora Serifou 84005, Serifos

Ανακοινώσεις Δήμου

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Koutalas is located on the south side of Serifos, in the homonymous bay, in the direction of Mega Livadi, immediately after the beaches of Vagia and Ganema which are in the same bay. Koutalas with the seaside settlement and the images from the mining history of Serifos around the beach, with wagons, galleries, rails, and the loading ladder of the mines compose a living open-air museum, similar to the one of Megalo Livadi, which is worth visit. The left side of the beach has pebbles, while as we move to the right there is sand, as well as many tamarisk trees along it. Its waters are cool.


 Access: By road, by boat.

  Tips: There is a dining area on the beach.