Municipality of Serifos

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22810 51210 - 22810 52311
Chora Serifou 84005, Serifos

Ανακοινώσεις Δήμου

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The Municipality

Details of members of the Municipal Authority


Revinthis K. Konstantinos

Born: 11/09/1991


Department of History and Archeology, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.


Deputy Mayors

Livanios N. Stylianos

Born: 30/09/1989


Department of Economics, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

MSc. in Accounting & Finance, Athens University of Economics and Business.

MSc. in Economic & Business Strategy, University of Piraeus.



The supervision and responsibility of the Finances.

Budget monitoring and implementation.

Taking measures to reduce costs.

The responsibility of tourist issues development and the promotion of the island.

The formulation of proposals related to the introduction of measures for the modernization of the computer infrastructure.


Rambias I. Savvas

Born: 23/03/1956


The control for the proper operation of the water supply and sewerage networks.

The control of the electric lighting of public spaces, common areas and the change of the lamps.

The observance of the provisions concerning the smooth traffic and the parking of the vehicles.


Revinthis K. Evangelos

Born: 07/03/1956


Civil Protection and Fire Safety.

The responsibility of supervising all public areas, the cleaning sector, the collection and management of waste and the responsibility of taking measures in the landfills to avoid fires.

The control of the application of the provisions, that concern deposits of building materials, rubble and construction works on the municipal roads and common areas.


President of the Municipal Council

Magoulas A. Dimitrios

Born: 26/07/1963

Απόφοιτος:Τμήμα Ηλεκτρολογίας ΣΕΛΕΤΕ




City Council

  • Magoulas A. Dimitrios, President of the Municipal Council
  • Sgourdeou Th. Aikaterini, Vice President of the Municipal Council
  • Livanios A. Georgios, Secretary of the Municipal Council
  • Livanios N. Stylianos , Deputy Mayor
  • Rambias I. Savvas , Deputy Mayor
  • Revinthis K. Evangelos, , Deputy Mayor
  • Chrysoloras A. Michael
  • Peloponnesios F. Miltiadis
  • Lymvaios A. Ioannis
  • Bofilios A. Petros
  • Kontes A. Ioannis
  • Chrysoloras G. Theodoros
  • Varagiannis E. Vassilios