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Museums of Serifos


The Archaeological Museum is located in Chora of Serifos, just across the bus stop, in a very central location, near the Square of the Mills. Its exhibits are not many, as its space is limited, however it is open all year round to the public. The findings it hosts relate to the classical, Roman and Hellenistic periods and come from various parts of the island.



The folklore museum is located in Kato Chora of Serifos, just below the primary school, next to the open-air theater of the Serifos Association. It was founded in 1976 and hosts traditional exhibits (textiles, ceramics, household utensils, porcelain, local costumes, and other objects, representing agricultural, household and other rural work), which were donated by the islanders who used them in their daily lives during the 19th and 20th centuries. The owner of the museum is the Association of Serifs. You can visit it during the summer months.


The mining museum is located in the historic Mega Livadi of Serifos, at the entrance of the village, in a building that used to be a school. It hosts various objects (tools) that were used daily by the miners, while there is also a collection of rocks from the rich subsoil of Serifos. This museum can only be visited during the summer months.