Municipality of Serifos

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22810 51210 - 22810 52311
Chora Serifou 84005, Serifos

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Σύνδεσμος Σεριφίων

Serifs Link

Serifs Link

envisioning a more efficient professional rehabilitation in the capital. Its activities are many, for which it was honored in 1995 with the award of the Academy of Athens. The creation and continuous strengthening of the Blood Bank,with two blood donations per year in Athens and Serifos, the bimonthly publication of the newspaper "Serifos" since 1957, the publication of a diary and of a Charter of Serifos, the publication of various scientific books of Serif writers and scientists, the recording of CDs with Serifian songs, the establishment and operation of a Folklore Museum, the organization of Swimming competitions every summer in Serifos and the Dance Group  are some of its activities.