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Serifos sunset race


Serifos Sunset Race -- Take the challenge! Capture the sun!

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Το Serifos Sunset Race Serifos Sunset Race is one of the biggest multisport events in Greece, which takes place every year in Serifos Island, the second weekend of September. It consists of running races of 5, 10 and 20km, swimming races 750, 1.500 and 3.000m, and running and swimming races of shorter distances for kids.


The main event of Serifos Sunset Race, which gives special color and interest, are the races of 5, 10 and 20km, which take place on Saturday afternoon and during the sunset with finishing point Vagia Beach. Runners have the opportunity to run alongside the sea around the Gulf of Koutalas, crossing the beautiful beaches of Vagia, Ganema and Koutalas, while enjoying the unique sunset of the area from the one side and the wild beauty of the Cycladic landscape on the other.


The day after that, the swimmers of 750, 1.500 and 3.000 meters have the opportunity to swim in a unique route at Livadi bay and the event is taking place taking place on Sundays. The running races are held on a different day from the swimming races, in order to provide everyone, the chance to participate in both sports.


Swimming Competitions of Serifos Association

Every year for many decades, the Association of Serifs located in Athens,in mid-August, organizes on the beach of Avlomonas, completely free swimming competitions for our little friends. An event that has been embraced by the people of Serifos, as it was by now the only sporting event on the island.


Each race is a special experience for the children who participate, with the value of participation exceeding the result. The purpose is children from an early age to understand the concepts of fair play. Of course, the end of each race is accompanied by teasing, smiles and many dives by our little friends.