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The Swings of Lampri

Swings of Lampri

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The Swings of Lambri is a very old custom, which had disappeared, but in recent years and after initiatives of the President of Cultural Affairs of Serifos for many consecutive years, amateur, researcher and folklorist, Theodoros G. Livanios and various cultural associations of the island, was revived.


This is a custom that is part of the wider context of Easter events, which were taking place in Serifos in the past. Starting the custom, the inhabitants chose a narrow spot in an alley of the village, and they placed there a thick plank from roof to roof, from which hung strong ropes. At the height of the seat, they placed a durable plank, which was the swing and then they decorated the whole construction with beautiful, spring flowers.


All the described construction were taking place on Holy Saturday, in order to be ready on Easter Sunday, so that the participants could use it. In the swing young men and women of the village were sitting and moving from swing to swing, while also following the priority order. They were paying the rocker to move them, and the price was usually a painted, red, Easter egg. When the shaking started, the girls or boys sang verses starting from


"Rock me well rocking swing

And I will pay you,

I will take out of my pocket

Coins to fill you with "


Many times, they also sang playful verses like


"Rock me well rocking swing

And I will pay you,

I will take off my slipper

To hit you in the head ".


Nowadays, the custom is revived on Easter Sunday, with one Swing all over the island. Every year a different village is selected, where the swing will be set up and the Municipality of Serifos undertakes the organization.